Kevin produces limited-edition fine art prints using the techniques of etching and aquatint, where acids are used to bite drawings into copper plates.  A complex range of techniques brings the printed image to fruition. Lines are cut into the metal by acids biting into exposed areas of the plate.  Tones are laid down using the technique of aquatint which coats the metal plate with resin dust. Acids bite around the dust specks to create minute pinnacles which can create a range of tones.  When the copper plate is wiped with ink, the ink gathers inside the bitten lines and around the minute pinnacles to create a line and tone image.  The inked plate is pulled through the heavy rollers on the etching press and the image is printed onto heavyweight paper made from cotton.

Kevin is inspired by the etching works of the greats such as Rembrandt, Piranesi, Goya and Whistler as well as by some of the moderns. Kevin enjoys working on themes such cityscapes, landscapes and maritime subjects.  He looks for aspects of imagery that can emphasise the quality of timelessness.

Kevin’s work has been shown at galleries in the UK and abroad, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Barbican Gallery, London and the Medici Society Gallery.  He has long been interested in the craft skills of etching and aquatint and originally studied this at Goldsmiths College, London.  He has a Masters Degree in Art & Design and Masters Degree in Art History.